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Frequently Asked Questions

What does somatic delusion mean?

Somatic Delusion. A somatic delusion is a false belief that a body function or part is diseased, malformed, or functioning improperly. Somatic means related to the body and delusions and are false beliefs or impressions that are held even when rationality is challenged or contradictory evidence is presented.

What are four types of delusions?

There are several types of delusions: persecutory, erotic, grandiose, jealous or somatic (that is, delusions about the body). People with delusional disorder usually do not have hallucinations or a major problem with mood.

What are the most common delusions?

This medical symptom information shows the various types of Delusions, and other related symptoms or conditions, including their causes and diagnosis. Paranoia. Auditory hallucinations. Hearing voices. Abnormal thinking. Severe paranoid reaction.

What are common types of delusions?

Delusion Types. Mood-congruent delusions – This is delusion that is consistent with the depressed or manic state of the sufferer. For example, when depressed, a person may feel delusions of persecution and when feeling manic, they may feel delusions of grandeur. Mood-neutral delusions that are not influenced by mood.

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