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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of movement does the somatic system control?

In addition to controlling voluntary muscles movements, the somatic nervous system is also associated with involuntary movements known as reflex arcs. During a reflex arc, muscles move involuntarily without input from the brain. This occurs when a nerve pathway connects directly to the spinal cord.

What does the somatic nervous system control?

The somatic nervous system,or voluntary nervous system,is that part of the peripheral nervous systemthat regulates body movement through control of skeletal (voluntary) muscles and also relates the organism with the environment through the reception of external stimuli, such as through the sensesof vision, hearing, taste, and smell.

Which activity does the somatic nervous system control?

The somatic nervous system provides control of skeletal muscle movement. Conscious control of movement originates in the motor cortex (both premotor and primary motor cortex). However, movement is refined and coordinated by various structures in the CNS, including extrapyramidal regions and the cerebellum.

What is the function of somatic motor?

The somatic nervous system controls voluntary, conscious motor functions (skeletal movement and sensory movement), whereas the autonomic nervous system controls involuntary functions (such as smooth muscles, cardiac muscles and glandular movement).

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