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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you treat somatic symptoms?

Massage Massages decrease somatic anxiety by relaxing muscles and relieving built-up tension that can cause muscle aches. It also tends to put people in a more relaxed frame of mind, which helps to prevent cognitive anxiety symptoms from interacting with somatic anxiety symptoms and causing panic attacks.

What causes somatic symptom disorder?

The exact cause of somatic symptom disorder isn't clear, but any of these factors may play a role: Genetic and biological factors, such as an increased sensitivity to pain Family influence, which may be genetic or environmental, or both Personality trait of negativity, which can impact how you identify and perceive illness and bodily symptoms

Why is somatic symptom disorder a difficult diagnosis?

Somatic symptom disorder is a controversial diagnosis. Some psychiatrists argue it is problematic because it is based primarily on negative criteria-that is, on an absence of other explanations . Consequently, any person suffering from a poorly understood physical illness could be seen as fulfilling the criteria for this psychiatric diagnosis.

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