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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of somatic therapy?

There are essentially two types of gene therapy: somatic cell therapy and germ line therapy. Somatic cell therapy involves treating any cells of the individual, except the gametes, at the cellular level to correct an absent or malfunctioning gene. This can be accomplished in three ways: ex vivo, in situ, or in vivo.

What is somatic certification?

The SOSI Somatic Experiencing professional training is a part-time, three year program consisting of two, six-day training blocks each year. Each training day is comprised of lecture sessions, question and answer exchanges, demonstrations, small group work, and practise sessions.

What is somatic education?

The word somatic refers to the body as a whole. Somatic Education is a huge new field that has blossomed in the last 30 years with many approaches to exploring, healing, and learning with the body.

What is somatic based therapy?

Somatic therapy involves holistic and therapeutic approaches to treating patients. It is primarily used for the treatment of trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). An interesting aspect of somatic therapy is that it is not a single type of treatment but a complete system of techniques that include psychotherapy and body-psychotherapy.

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