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Frequently Asked Questions

How big of a city is Souderton, PA?

Souderton is a borough in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The population was 6,618 at the 2010 census. Souderton hosts the end of the annual Univest Grand Prix, a professional bicycle race.

What are the zoning ordinances in Souderton Borough?

The Zoning Map and Zoning Ordinance is appended to this article for viewing or downloading. The division and development of property within the Borough is governed by the provisions of the Souderton Borough Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance, most commonly referred to as SALDO.

When does Souderton Borough Council meet on Saturdays?

Members of Souderton Borough Council will begin a new community outreach program by hosting Saturday office hours on the third Saturday of each month. The Community can discuss questions and concerns directly with Borough Council representatives during these hours. The Code of Conduct for these meetings is described as follows:

Is the Souderton Borough pool open for summer?

Please pay careful attention to the 2021 summer schedule for the Souderton Community Pool. Purchase of a membership will preserve eligibility to use the facility throughout the 2021 summer season. Daily admissions will not be available for weekend or holiday access to the pool.

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