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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you hear the audio on OBS Studio?

By default, OBS Studio sets your Desktop Audio (aka PC speakers) as your audio monitoring device. When you select Monitor Only (mute output) , you could still hear the audio because it is being played back on the default audio monitoring device which is your desktop audio.

What happens when you add an alert to Obs?

Be sure to copy the URL so you can add it to OBS. When adding an Alert option to OBS, the service you choose will generate a unique URL. This URL is vital to your notifications functioning correctly during your stream. The URL helps OBS find sources for the notifications and also helps with storage.

Can you use OBS for sound alerts on Twitch?

Yes, most broadcasting software (Streamlabs OBS, OBS, Twitch Studios, Xsplit etc.) that has a browser / webpage source feature can be used for Sound Alerts. What is a browser source? A browser source is a layer that will display the Sound Alerts visual notification animation as well as the actual Sound Alerts sound.

How to add alerts to streamlabs OBS Studio?

Setting Up Alerts Using Streamlabs OBS 1 Update software and drivers. You’ll want all system software to be entirely up to date. ... 2 Open your firewall and white-list it on your anti-virus provider. ... 3 Run it, check with the system, set presets. ... 4 Add Alert Box Widget. ... 5 Customize Your Alerts. ...

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