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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of soundboard do I need for my podcast?

We use Zencastr, which is a service that lets us record our podcast remotely. And out of the box, Zencastr provides a soundboard tool that lets you mix in music or sound bites live into your recording session. You can use the default sounds or upload your own mp3s to use.

Where can I buy sound effects for my podcast?

As a member of The Podcast Host Academ y you automatically get access to a Gold membership account with ZapSplat. Buying your sound effects is the best way to save time, and to guarantee quality.

How many samples are in the soundboard app?

Soundboard offers 63 samples that can be easily identified by a nice looking icon. The app is not in the same league as the top three apps. Soundboard provides no way to include your own sounds, which is essential for most podcasters or DJs. The app does include some very nice sounds.

How does a soundboard work in zencastr?

If everything is set up right, you’ll hear audio from the soundboard play in your speakers (or whatever output you set up for browser 1) when you trigger the right button on your Stream Deck. It will be recorded in a separate track in Zencastr (and named nicely as Soundboard when you download that track).

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