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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of free soundboard software?

One awesome feature I encountered while testing this freeware is that it lets you take snapshot of the current soundboard. It means that you can record audio files and their status at a particular instant. Basically what this feature does is that it makes a restore point of the soundboard.

What is the sound board on Mad Money?

We've Recreated Cramer's Official Soundboard! Fun for any Mad Money fan and a great page to bookmark. Now you can enjoy all the great sounds on Cramer’s board. Boo-Yah! KA-CHING!

How many sounds can I put on a soundboard?

A single soundboard of Mixere offers upto 67 blocks, where you can load your audio files. You can easily load an audio file to a block with a right click and select the load audio option or the same can be done from the File menu.

Which is the Best Sound Board for props?

So after a lot of engineering and tinkering we've come out with the Adafruit Sound Board, the fastest way to add audio effects to a project! We think this is the best sound board for props and costumes!

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