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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use sound effects in your YouTube videos?

There are several ways to use sound effects in your YouTube content. But when it comes to the most popular uses, people tend to point to three options for how you can implement SFX right off the bat: transition sound effects, ambient or background noise, and comedic element. Using Sound Effect To Create Transitions

What are the best sound effects for video games?

Pops are incredibly versatile sound effects that can be used from accompanying video transitions, to animated bubbles, to text appearing on screen, and magical spells in video games. There are six variants to choose from in this pack, so pick your favorite or mix and match to create the ultimate combination. 12. Free Talking People

Are sound effects from YouTubers legal and safe?

YouTubers make up a large portion of our members here at ZapSplat so we spend a lot of time and resources creating free sound effects that you can download and use safe in the knowledge they’re 100% legal and won’t throw any content ID claims.

How to use rain and thunderstorm sound effects in your videos?

Atmospheric, moody, but also relaxing, there are plenty of different ways you can use rain and thunderstorm sound effects. Use it to accompany your videos of weather, or a particularly sinister short horror film. Or simply enjoy the sounds of nature to help you fall asleep in your evening meditations.

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