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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the phone number for Sound Physicians?

This phone number appears on a medical bill I received on 2018-09-09, purportedly mailed from Cogent Medical Care, PO Box 743522, Los Angeles, CA, 90074-3522, which also includes a Sound Physicians logo. They are billing for medical services they said occurred 1 month ago, which never happened.

Do you get a bill from a sound physician?

If you or a family member were seen in a hospital, emergency room, or post-acute care facility you may have received a bill from Sound Physicians. This bill is for the services provided by the clinician that delivered care.

What kind of medical work does sound physicians do?

Sound Physicians is a physician-founded and led organization that provides emergency medicine, critical care, hospital medicine, transitional care and advisory services.

What's the phone number for the doctors billing office?

Called the number, they answer as Physicians Billing Office. When you ask any information about them, they say they can't tell you anything (except that they are a national operation) because of federal law, then want personal identification about you so that they can handle your bill payment.

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