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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you get a bill from a sound physician?

If you or a family member were seen in a hospital, emergency room, or post-acute care facility you may have received a bill from Sound Physicians. This bill is for the services provided by the clinician that delivered care.

Who is the founder of the Sound Physicians?

Sound Physicians was founded by Robert Bessler, MD, in 2001 in a quest to improve care for his patients. Two decades later, the organization is still led by its founder.

What kind of medical work does sound physicians do?

Sound Physicians is a physician-founded and led organization that provides emergency medicine, critical care, hospital medicine, transitional care and advisory services.

How to contact the IT helpdesk for Sound Physicians?

Click here. For assistance, please contact the helpdesk at (888) 359-3684 or [email protected] © 2016 MicrosoftSystem StatusEmailForgot Password?

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