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Frequently Asked Questions

What did SoundCloud do to the rap industry?

Soundcloud rap began to denote artists who pushed the limits of what rap really was or could be.

Who are the most popular rappers on SoundCloud?

Bbymutha is easily the most skilled lyricist of the Soundcloud rap generation: simultaneously offering moments of authentic heartache alongside astounding expressions of braggadociousness and not-so-subtle feminism, this Tennessee-based rapper has become a favorite amongst alt-queers and rap diehards.

What kind of music can you find on SoundCloud?

“Soundcloud rap” was first used to describe artists who — obviously — released music on Soundcloud. In my understanding, it also became somewhat of its own post-genre art form, combining elements of goth, emo, nu-metal, trap, gangster rap, vaporwave, chiptune, psychedelia, and a handful of other movements.

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