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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reach of a repost on SoundCloud?

So the ‘reach’ of a campaign is the total number of SoundCloud users that a track is reposted to. A small percentage of these users (usually 1-3%) will go on to play the track and potentially like/comment/follow or even repost it themselves.

Are there any paid repost campaigns on SoundCloud?

Their marketing efforts are now also directed to SoundCloud, including repost trading and sometimes paid campaigns. While the research methodology of this article was initially intended to address just paid repost marketing, the findings apply to reposting in general.

How many tracks have been reposted on SoundCloud?

Tim wrote a script that crunched the numbers on 8.000 tracks reposted by a selection of SoundCloud (promotional) channels; stats like who reposted what track, how many followers the reposted channels had, how often the channel reposted, while also collecting the stated prices for reposts to include into his analysis.

What happens if you remove a repost from a campaign?

If the repost is removed before this time, their reach will be discounted from your campaign. Can you guarantee how many plays/likes/comments my track will receive? Because the engagement provided via RepostExchange is all genuine, we can’t guarantee results except the number of fans your track will reach.

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