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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you join a SoundCloud repost chain?

Members are usually only accepted into the chain based on their following/size/work. That being said there is still a cost. By joining a repost chain you’re losing control of the curation of your SoundCloud page with music being automatically reposted on your behalf. For some this is a trade-off that’s too rich.

Do you get paid for reposting on SoundCloud?

You’re a serious artist looking to take your career to the next level and do it yourself. With Repost by SoundCloud, you keep total creative control, reach audiences all over the world, market your music and get paid – all in one place. I hit that number this month, largely in part to Repost's playlisting.

What can I do with repost select on SoundCloud?

Get first access to promotional opportunities, placement on custom DSPs and radio stations, and all of the support you need from a dedicated account manager. Unlock your full potential with Repost Select and receive support from our dedicated account management team.

How does a repost chain work on Facebook?

Users join the repost chain (generally invite only), once they have been added, they have the ability to submit their music at a given frequency and it will be reposted across the network’s channels. In return, the new member allows the automated system to repost a given number of songs automatically on their account.

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