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Frequently Asked Questions

How does repost by SoundCloud work for You?

Repost by SoundCloud is a subscription-based distribution service similar to CD Baby or Distrokid. It’s available to anyone for $30/year. When you register a song to Repost, you can distribute it to platforms like Instagram, Spotify, Apple Music, and TikTok. Repost will then collect revenue from streams on these partner platforms.

How many tracks have been reposted on SoundCloud?

Tim wrote a script that crunched the numbers on 8.000 tracks reposted by a selection of SoundCloud (promotional) channels; stats like who reposted what track, how many followers the reposted channels had, how often the channel reposted, while also collecting the stated prices for reposts to include into his analysis.

Is it safe to post on repost exchange?

So your content is completely safe on this platform. The website is also fully compliant with the SoundCloud API Terms of Use. Any action done on RepostExchange is essentially the same as doing it on SoundCloud itself.

Is the repost exchange compatible with Spotify?

Repost Exchange is an evolving platform with huge potential and future opportunities. It is only compatible with SoundCloud, so, no support for Spotify, Bandcamp, YouTube, etc. Repost Exchange still does not have enough presence to make itself known throughout the world.

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