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Frequently Asked Questions

How does SoundHound help you find your music?

SoundHound makes it simple to discover music playing around you. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, in your car, or anywhere else. Just open the app, hit the big orange button, and we’ll tell you exactly what song is playing! SAVE YOUR MUSIC JOURNEY

How much does the SoundHound premium app cost?

The SoundHound Premium app is fully-featured and offers no in-app purchase; Instead, the app is available on the App Store for $6.99. Both apps are kept up-to-date, and version 7.5 launched for both on the same day. Questions?

What are the new features of SoundHound 2.0?

SoundHound is instant music and discovery. NEW to 2.0 for WP8: ♪ Improved search performance ♪ Fast app resume and switching ♪ Integration with music app and player controls for song previews ♪ Live tiles and multiple tile size support ♪ Multiple screen size support ♪ Voice command integration - launch SoundHound with your voice!

What does it mean to say Hey SoundHound?

“Hey SoundHound…” can help you navigate the app, activate the orange button, and playback songs hands-free. Simply say ‘Hey SoundHound...’ from any screen and say a command! Discovering new music is only half the fun of SoundHound.

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