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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a SoundHound app for my PC?

SoundHound app is ready to be used. Click it every time you want to discover your favorite song and lyrics. Concisely, SoundHound for PC is a perfect match for those who love music but often forget the title or the singer. Besides the easiness of accessing it, you also can enjoy various advantages that will fulfill your need.

What are the new features of SoundHound 2.0?

SoundHound is instant music and discovery. NEW to 2.0 for WP8: ♪ Improved search performance ♪ Fast app resume and switching ♪ Integration with music app and player controls for song previews ♪ Live tiles and multiple tile size support ♪ Multiple screen size support ♪ Voice command integration - launch SoundHound with your voice!

What kind of AI does SoundHound use?

SoundHound is powered by Houndify, an independent voice-enabled AI platform that enables natural, conversational intelligence on any product. We’ve rolled out an update that allows you to share your music taste to Facebook Stories.

How can I use my Apple Watch as a SoundHound?

• Use the Apple Watch app to quickly identify music and sing-along with LiveLyrics. Users with a cellular-enabled Apple Watch can use the app without being connected to an iPhone • Simply say ‘Hey SoundHound....’ from any screen or tap the microphone on the play page.

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