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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Soundpad not transmitting the sound I play?

When I play the sound I hear it but it doesn't play through my mic. I have my mic configured correctly as default and I can hear it play when playing through mic and headphones. Also, I have restarted my computer and still no luck. And yes, Soundpad has a green "Good" in the settings. Please take a look at "Why can't others hear the sounds I play?"

Is it bad to change the volume on the Soundpad?

Soundpad shall not only be enjoyed by you, but also by all the people you play sounds to. It's a very bad habit to change the volume for others regularly. It's best if you set up the volume once, just like your microphone level and keep it like that afterwards.

Where can I find out more about Soundpad?

Find out more about installation, configuration and general capabilities of Soundpad. Please report a bug with this form, if you encounter an issue, which isn't described in the FAQ or covered in the forum, so we can investigate the cause.

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