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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Southern Living at home?

Southern Living at Home: A WAHM's Guide. Southern Living at Home was created in January of 2001, as an offshoot of home Southern Living magazine, a home and entertainment publication centered on homes in the South. The company mission is: "To create a feeling of welcome, comfort and beauty in homes all across America,...

What is a Southern Living Home?

Southern Living at HOME, the direct selling company of Southern Progress Corporation, was launched in January 2001. Southern Living at Home, under its founder Dianne Mooney, is a party plan company that supports and nurtures its Consultants while providing the tools necessary to build fulfilling and profitable businesses.

What are Southern style homes?

A southern style house refers to architecture and design popularized in the southern states of the United States of America.

What is Southern Living magazines?

Southern Living is a lifestyle magazine aimed at readers in the Southern United States featuring recipes, house plans, garden plans, and information about Southern culture and travel. It is published by Birmingham, Alabama–based Southern Progress Corporation, a unit of Meredith Corporation.

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