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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway sold?

On May 9, 1846, the partially completed line was sold to the Michigan Southern Rail Road, which changed the planned western terminal to Chicago using the charter of the Northern Indiana Railroad.

Is the southern Michigan Railroad open for the summer?

Trains begin operations soon! Welcome back and come ride a train on the Southern Michigan Railroad. We are open for Summer Service, at limited capacity with masks REQUIRED on the train (due to county health department and TSA rules; we can't do anything about it.) It's been a long road.

When did the Michigan Southern and northern Indiana Railroad merge?

On April 25, 1855, that company in turn merged with the Michigan Southern Rail Road to form the Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Railroad. In 1858 [1] the new alignment ( Northern Indiana Air Line) from Elkhart, IN east to Air Line Junction in Toledo, OH was completed.

Where did the Southern Railway get its name?

The Southern Railway can trace its heritage all of the way back to the South Carolina Canal And Rail Road Company chartered on December 19, 1827. Its promoters envisioned the system to haul agricultural products from inland farms to the port city of Charleston.

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