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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SNHU a good school?

If you are seeking an online program that works around your schedule, Southern New Hampshire University is a great university. It is a non-profit university and regionally accredited. Regional accreditation is important and many online universities do not have regional accreditation.

Is a degree from SNHU respected?

SNHU is both a respected online school and physical school. It is fully accredited which is an incredibly important aspect of the school itself and for you to consider as a student. They have excellent professors from a multitude of backgrounds and offer a great range for courses both as an undergraduate and a graduate student.

What is the mascot of southern New Hampshire University?

Southern New Hampshire University participates in NCAA Division II athletics. It is a member of the Eastern College Athletic Conference and the Northeast-10 Conference. The teams' nickname, the Penmen, is an homage to the university's history as an accounting school. The university's mascot is named "Petey Penmen".

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