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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SNHU a good school?

If you are seeking an online program that works around your schedule, Southern New Hampshire University is a great university. It is a non-profit university and regionally accredited. Regional accreditation is important and many online universities do not have regional accreditation.

Is SNHU a good University?

Simply put, SNHU is a legit University. With that said, there are things SNHU can improve upon, but they are still a better University than most. Finally, while SNHU does have an online an department, they are *not* an online school like Phoenix or DeVry. SNHU is a traditional University.

Is SNHU good?

SNHU is an interesting school, it has some positives, but ultimately many many negatives. There are many classes that you are required to take that largely waste your time, because they are nowhere near your field.

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