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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does University of New Hampshire cost?

The total tuition and living expense budget for in-state New Hampshire residents to go to University of New Hampshire-Main Campus is $32,200 for the 2015/2016 academic year. Out-of-state students who don't have New Hampshire residence can expect a one year cost of $46,000.

Is SNHU a good school?

If you are seeking an online program that works around your schedule, Southern New Hampshire University is a great university. It is a non-profit university and regionally accredited. Regional accreditation is important and many online universities do not have regional accreditation.

Is SNHU a good University?

Simply put, SNHU is a legit University. With that said, there are things SNHU can improve upon, but they are still a better University than most. Finally, while SNHU does have an online an department, they are *not* an online school like Phoenix or DeVry. SNHU is a traditional University.

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