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Frequently Asked Questions

What states in the US are consider southern states?

The States that make up "The South" are usually considered to be: Virginia Tennessee Arkansas Louisiana North Carolina South Carolina Mississippi Alabama Georgia Florida Texas

What is the southern most state in US?

The Southern most state is Hawaii with the Southernmost point being Ka Lae (South Cape), Hawaii.

What are the capitals of the southern states?

Austin, the southernmost state capital of the contiguous 48 states, is located in Central Texas. Austin is 146 miles (230 km) northwest of Houston, 182 miles (290 km) south of Dallas and 74 miles (120 km) northeast of San Antonio.

What is the southern most part of the US?

The southernmost point of the contiguous United States is Ballast Key, a privately owned island just south and west of Key West. The southernmost location that the public can visit is the beach at Fort Zachary Taylor park.

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