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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes southern tool inspection a good company?

STI is dedicated to continuous improvement through current in-house and external training programs. We upgrade our equipment in keeping strides with the rapid changes in technology, including top of the line computer aided inspection and reporting.

Where is southern tool inspection in Broussard La?

Southern Tool Inspection 104 Sugarland Drive, Broussard, LA 70518 Main Phone: 1-877-494-7940

What kind of inspection services do I Need?

Dimensional inspection services for cast, formed, molded, forged, machined, welded, 3D printed parts. Measurement tools include CMM, PMM and 3-D laser scanning. Serves the commercial, industrial, defense, automotive, medical, and aerospace markets.

Are there CMM inspection services in Southern California?

Made in USA. CMM & dimensional inspection services including the gathering of dimensional data for reverse engineering. Capabilities include 0.0001 in. accuracy & measuring envelope of 150 in. x 60 in. x 60 in. CMM inspection can be performed directly from CAD model & data can be provided in several formats.

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