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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the boundaries of Southfield MI?

The city is bounded to the south by Eight Mile Road, its western border is Inkster Road, and to the east it is bounded by Greenfield Road. Southfield's northern border does not follow a single road, but lies approximately along Thirteen Mile Road.

What is Southfield Michigan known for?

Southfield is a commercial and business center for the metropolitan Detroit area, with Southfield's 27,000,000 square feet (2,508,400 m2) of office space, second in the Detroit metro area to Detroit's central business district of 33,251,00 square feet (3,089,000 square metres).

How many black people live in Southfield MI?

In 2002 Southfield had 42,259 black people, the second-largest black population in Metro Detroit and third-largest in Michigan. As of 2011, many African Americans from Detroit were moving into Southfield and other suburbs of Oakland and Macomb counties.

What is the Southfield city centre?

Prominent with the City of Southfield is the Southfield City Centre, a mixed-use area consisting of a major business center, private university, and residential neighborhoods, located near the intersection of Interstate 696 (I-696, Walter P. Reuther Freeway) and the M-10 (Lodge Freeway).

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