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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Southfield Public Schools close their schools?

Concern for the safety of our students is the guiding factor in all decisions regarding school closures. Southfield Public Schools makes decisions to close or stay open in consultation with district administrators, professional weather consultants, transportation services and Oakland County administrators.

Where to find Southfield Public School District calendar?

Below you will find an interactive calendar with dates for all buildings as a quick reference to see what's happening around the Southfield Public School District. Use the calendar icon in the top right of the calendar below to subscribe to the events and add them to your personal devices.

What should a Southfield Public School student not wear?

A Southfield Public School District student will not dress in a manner that negatively impacts the learning process or educational setting. Students may not dress in a manner that is obscene, offensive, provocative, distractive, or indecent as these detract from the learning environment.

Who is the Custodial Services Department at Southfield Public Schools?

Our Facilities Management and Custodial Services department has been spearheading all of the critical physical infrastructure of our buildings as well as the human centered safety measures to keep your children safe with COVID safety mitigation efforts.

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