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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the city of Southport North Carolina?

Southport is located on the coast in Southeastern North Carolina, where the Cape Fear River meets the Atlantic Ocean. We’re known for our stunning scenery, our history, the maritime heritage of our forebears, and the salubrious breezes that cast a calm and welcoming ambience over the residents and visitors of our little slice of heaven.

Why is Southport the best place to visit?

Southport beach has one of the most unique natural environments in the country. It’s the gateway to the coast and the Ribble Estuary and a place where the coast & countryside connect in one of the most amazing ways. If you enjoy walking you will fall in love with the paths and trails thorough the dunes.

What do you do on a Southport boat?

Cruise with family and friends in a boat designed for a stable, secure, and all-around comfortable day on the water, no matter your destination. Enjoy a day of relaxing, swimming viewing the sunset, or make a longer trip to a favorite island with no worries about the ride home, even when the ocean turns angry.

Is there parking on the beach at Southport?

On site parking - Beach parking off Marine Drive, Southport, £4.50-£6.00 (seasonal). Beach parking closed at high tides. Beachfront parking, pay and display, all year round. Park and Ride at Ecocentre No coaches.

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