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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is 4th of July Festival in Southport NC?

C. 4th of July Festival is held annually in the City of Southport and in 2021 many events will be held in Oak Island. The festivities will kick off on July 1 with the traditional Oak Island Beach Day. The day will include games, music and food and end with a bang with fireworks.

Where is the city hall in Southport NC?

Address: Southport City Hall, 1029 N. Howe Street, Southport, NC 28461 Hours: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm (City observes State holidays)

What to do in Southport, North Carolina?

Each year, Southport, North Carolina welcomes painters across the country to take advantage of our incredible scenery by painting 'in plein air' […] Join local Southport residents as they talk about their ancestors who helped make Southport a better place to live. The John N. Smith Cemetery, the largest African American cemetery in Brunswick […]

When is the Southport Comedy Festival in October?

Enjoy 10 days of belly rumbling laughter at the Southport Comedy Festival! The autumn has arrived and the season of spooky goings on is around the corner. Halloween parades, fancy dress events, ghost walks – it’s time for The Southport Halloween Festival!

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