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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes space weather?

The sun is the main source of space weather. Sudden bursts of plasma and magnetic field structures from the sun's atmosphere called coronal mass ejections (CME) together with sudden bursts of radiation, or solar flares, all cause space weather effects here on Earth.

What is the weather like in space?

Viewers learn that since there is no atmosphere in space, there is no weather. Astronauts on board the space shuttle highlight the extreme temperatures found in space and explain how the environmental control system inside the orbiter maintains Earth-like temperatures, pressure and humidity.

What is the definition of space weather?

Space Weather is a term which has become accepted over the past few years to refer to a collection of physical processes, beginning at the Sun and ultimately affecting human activities on Earth and in space.

How does space weather affect planet Earth?

How does space weather affect planet Earth? Space weather can knock-out communications, harm us with radiation, and seriously affect aeroplanes! When there's a big solar storm, space weather can seriously affect aeroplanes - especially when they're flying around the north or south poles!

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