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Frequently Asked Questions

What caused Spanish American War?

The immediate cause of the Spanish-American War was Cuba's struggle for independence from Spain. Newspapers in the United States printed sensationalized accounts of Spanish atrocities in Cuba, fueling humanitarian concerns. There was widespread U.S. sympathy for Cubans as near neighbors fighting to gain their independence.

Was Spanish American War popular?

Spanish American War. This war was immensely popular with the American people. For the first time since the Civil War, men from the north and the south closed ranks and marched to war, as the bands played the marches of John Philip Sousa.

Was the Spanish American War a "just" war?

The Spanish-American war was not just. We, America has made many bad choices in the past and still do, but in 1898 it was cool to be an Imperialist, to dictate weaker countries and gain the most territory. News papers in America were competing to sell the most papers and at the time yellow journalism was running high with juicy topics.

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