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Frequently Asked Questions

What cured the Spanish flu?

Prevention and Treatment of the Spanish Flu. Two types of antiviral drugs, rimantadine (Flumadine ®) and oseltamivir (Tamiflu ®), have been shown to be effective against influenza viruses similar to the 1918 flu virus.

Is Spanish flu eradicated?

Spanish Flu. The Spanish flu was thought to have been eradicated shortly after World War I and is thought to be responsible for the deaths of 80 million people. When scientists refer to the “100-year superbug”, the Spanish flu was the most recent one.

How long did Spanish flu end?

Pandemics, like the "1918 Spanish Flu" was deadly to some extent for over 10 years. The strain of influenza virus that is commonly referred to as the 1918 strain underwent several mutations, the most deadly beginning in March of 1918 and ending by the Spring of 1919.

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