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Frequently Asked Questions

How did the Spanish flu affect young people?

Over the summer of 1918 the Spanish flu appeared to be dwindling and it was hoped the pandemic might be coming to an end. But there was a huge spike in deaths between September and November and, unlike a typical seasonal flu which mainly kills the very old and very young, this strain targeted young, healthy people in their mid-20s to mid-30s.

What was the name of the Spanish flu in 1918?

Today, however, 'Spanish flu' (Gripe Española) is the most widely used name for the pandemic in Spain. Other terms for this virus include the "1918 influenza pandemic," the "1918 flu pandemic", or variations of these.

How many people died in Madrid during the Spanish flu?

In Madrid, Spain, fewer than 1,000 people died from influenza between May and June 1918. There were no reported quarantines during the first quarter of 1918.

Why did the 1918 flu kill so many otherwise healthy young adults?

Modern-day scientists sequenced the DNA of the 1918 virus from lung samples preserved from victims. However, this did not solve the mystery of why so many healthy young adults were killed.

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