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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the name of the Spanish flu in 1918?

Today, however, 'Spanish flu' (Gripe Española) is the most widely used name for the pandemic in Spain. Other terms for this virus include the "1918 influenza pandemic," the "1918 flu pandemic", or variations of these.

What did n ever again mean in Spanish flu?

“N ever again ” is a phrase associated primarily with the WWII genocide of Jews, but it could as easily be applied to the horrific epidemic known as the Spanish Flu of 1918. The disease wasn’t Spanish at all but a misnomer of the times.

Where did the second wave of Spanish flu start?

The second wave began in the second half of August 1918, probably spreading to Boston and Freetown, Sierra Leone, by ships from Brest, where it had likely arrived with American troops or French recruits for naval training.

How did New York City deal with the Spanish flu?

During the flu pandemic of 1918, the New York City health commissioner tried to slow the transmission of the flu by ordering businesses to open and close on staggered shifts to avoid overcrowding on the subways.

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