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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Spanish Inquisition mean?

Spanish Inquisition. (Historical Terms) the institution that guarded the orthodoxy of Catholicism in Spain, chiefly by the persecution of Jews and Muslims, esp from the 15th to 17th centuries.

Why is the Spanish Inquisition so important?

Spanish Inquisition, (1478-1834), judicial institution ostensibly established to combat heresy in Spain . In practice, the Spanish Inquisition served to consolidate power in the monarchy of the newly unified Spanish kingdom, but it achieved that end through infamously brutal methods.

What does the name Inquisition mean?

Inquisition, a judicial procedure and later an institution that was established by the papacy and, sometimes, by secular governments to combat heresy. Derived from the Latin verb inquiro ("inquire into"), the name was applied to commissions in the 13th century and subsequently to similar structures in early modern Europe.

How did the Spanish Inquisition start?

The Spanish Inquisition was a tribunal started in 1478 in Spain. It was started by Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile, with the assistance of Torquemada. During the Spanish Inquisition many people were burnt in front of crowds in the streets.

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