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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common Spanish last names?

García is the most common last name in Spain, followed by Fernández, and Gonzalez, Rodríguez, and Lopez. Less frequent surnames include Marciano (the Spanish word for Martian), which is not a surname with geographical origins; Marciano seems to be a name of Italian origin derived from the name Marcus.

What are some cool Spanish last names?

Spanish is one of the liveliest languages of all, so it's no surprise that Spanish last names are the same. Whether you're a writer who's creating a hispanic character or aching for a new moniker to fit your alter ego, you're sure to find something here that sets your soul alight. Abar. Abila. Acebo. Adriano. Aguero. Aguilar. Alameda ...

Can You List some Spanish last names?

Garcia: A medieval personal name of an uncertain origin. ... Garza: A noble surname. ... Gomez: Common Spanish surname that hardly translates into "man." Gallo: It literally means "rooster," given to someone with some of the attributes associated with the rooster. Gaspar: It is from the personal name also found int Catalan, French, Hungarian and Portuguese.

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