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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Spanish word for job?

Here are some Spanish words and phrases that will help you talk about life on the job: el empleo (ehl ehm-pleh-oh) (the job; employment) presentarse (preh-sehn-tahr-seh) (to go to be present at some place; to introduce oneself) la entrevista (lah ehn-treh-bvees-tah) (the interview)

What are some Spanish professions?

Spanish for Professionals is a week-long intensive language and cultural immersion program for professionals who work with Spanish-speaking clients in a variety of settings. Who can attend? Targeted professions include social workers, clergy, police officers, human resources and business.

What is career in Spanish?

Plural: careers. Translate "career" to Spanish: correr a velocidad, correr a prisa, correr a toda prisa, correr a toda velocidad, precipitarse, viajar alocadamente. English Synonyms of "career": race, speed up, hare, hurry along, race along, sprint, run fast, beetle, nip along, scurry.

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