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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some English words that are actually Spanish words?

More Spanish Words In English bonanza - "prosperity" cafeteria - from cafetería (coffee store) incommunicado - estar incomunicado (to be isolated) jade - from piedra de ijada (stone of flank) nada - "nothing" platinum - from platino (little silver) pronto - "hurry up!" in Mexican Spanish savvy - from sabe (knows) and sabio (wise) More items...

What are some easy words to learn in Spanish?

Top 100 Spanish Words. 1. gracias (thanks) 2. ser (be) 3. a (to) 4. ir (to go) 5. estar (to be) 6. bueno (good) 7. de (of, from) 8. su (your, her, his, their) 9. hacer (to do, to make) 10. amigo (friend) 11. por favor (please) 12. no (no) 13. en (on, in) 14. haber ("to have" as an auxiliary verb) 15.

What are the most commonly used phrases in Spanish?

Most common Spanish phrases. Spanish greetings. Hello - ¡Hola! Good morning Buenos días. Good afternoon - Buenas tardes. Good evening - Buenas noches.

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