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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any quizzes to test your Spanish vocabulary?

If you want to find out ho much knowledge you have on Spanish 3 unit 4 vocabulary, then this is the quiz for you. Even if it is just for practice or leisure then dive in and find out. Enjoy the quiz. How's Your Spanish Vocabulary? How's Your Spanish Vocabulary? It's time to test if you know some of the simplest Spanish words.

Do you need to take a writing test for Spanish?

A writing test to check your written Spanish for the selected topic. You can do these tests at home (or at school) without the help of a teacher. You can repeat our tests as often as you need to improve your scores. The tests check your vocabulary and comprehension for the topic.

How to test your Spanish for a job?

Spanish placement test: Test your Spanish vocabulary online! How good is my Spanish? Find out how good your Spanish is, by taking our free Spanish entry-level test online! You've already acquired Spanish skills and would like to refresh or deepen them? You don't know which language course (at which level) is the right one for you?

Are there any free worksheets to learn Spanish?

Colors in Spanish: Learn the words for colors in Spanish that includes a pronunciation guide. Here are more free beginner Spanish worksheets to help you with things like vocabulary and phrases concerning greetings, relatives, animals, body parts, and shapes. Adjective Quiz: A 32-word match questions.

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