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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install a translator?

To install Microsoft Translator from its Web page, first select your native language from the dropdown list. Then make sure your Favorites or Bookmarks toolbar is visible. Drag and drop the Translate link onto your toolbar, and you'll see an icon called Translate appear.

How do you say take in Spanish?

to take = to require — necesitar, requerir, llevar — Necesita mucho coraje. (It takes a lot of courage.) to take = to require or wear (a certain size or type of clothing) — calzar (said of shoes), usar (said of clothing) — Calzo los de tamaño 12. (I take size 12 shoes.)

What is the best online English to Spanish dictionary?

These are the most popular Spanish online dictionaries I found: Merriam-Webster. WordReference. SpanishDict. FreeDict. Google Translate. (new) (new)

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