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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best wireless speakers for TV?

Klipsch the Sixes Powered Monitor. If you are in search of a higher end wireless speaker for your TV, then you should definitely take a look at this one. The Klipsch powered monitor uses Bluetooth wireless technology, which means there are no cords for you to deal with, and no need for you to be plugging and unplugging as you...

Do LG TVs have audio out?

While your LG TV doesn't have a set of analog RCA audio outputs, it actually does have two audio outputs that you can use to connect it to a home theater system, soundbar or audio receiver. It has a fiberoptic (TOSLINK) digital output -- this is actually required on any television that calls itself an "HDTV.".

Do LG TVs have Bluetooth?

New LG Electronics televisions have been integrated with Broadcom Bluetooth capabilities. This will allow Bluetooth-enabled phones to communicate with televisions wirelessly. Some applications include allowing the mobile phone to become a TV remote control or allowing a mobile phone to be used as a QWERTY keyboard input device.

What is the Best Sound bar system?

Reviewers say the Yamaha YAS-203 is the best sound bar in its price range. With two built-in speakers and a wireless subwoofer, it's competent for playing music and excellent at transmitting dialogue clearly.

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