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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect the speakers to a PC?

Connect Speakers to Computer Go into your computer settings and click on Device. Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on by sliding the button across. Now pair your Bluetooth speaker by turning Bluetooth on. Check your bluetooth speaker manual to see how this is done as different models will ... You will now see a list of discoverable devices available for you to pair. Find your device's name and click on Connect. This will pair your ... Once it is connected all Windows 10 audio will be routed to your Bluetooth speaker. See More....

What is the Best Sound for a computer?

The best computer speakers you can buy Bose Companion 2 Series III. Type of system: 2.0 The Companion 2 Series III represents the best desktop speakers for most people. AudioEngine A2+. Type of system: 2.0 If you've got an affinity for detailed audio, pick the A2+ for your desk. ... Logitech Z625. ... Harman Kardon SoundSticks III. ... Logitech G560 Gaming Speakers. ... Logitech Z606. ... More items...

How do you connect a wireless speaker to a computer?

If you connecting wireless speakers to your computer, use a 1/8" audio cable to make the connection. Plug the 1/8" end of the cable into your computer's "Headphone" or "Audio" jack. Plug the white end of the audio cable into the "Audio In - Left" jack on the back of the wireless speaker's transmitter.

How do you turn on a computer speaker?

Volume or power button The easiest way is to turn off the speakers using the volume or power button on the primary speaker. Mute the speakers in the Sounds settings on the computer. In the Volume Control window, click the Mute all check box on the bottom left to mute all speaker sound.

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