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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Windows 10 computer sound not working?

Sound is not working in Windows 10. Sound problems can be caused by cables that aren't connected properly, damaged drivers, incompatible drivers, sound settings, missing updates, and problems with your sound card.

Why are my internal computer speakers not working?

Make sure that you don't have headphones connected. If your computer's headphone jack has something plugged into it, the speakers won't work. On some desktop computers, you may find the headphone jack on the back of the tower. Many speaker systems have their own headphone jacks, so check for connections there as well.

Why is my internal speaker not working?

Note: If the internal speaker does not work after enabling it through the Device Manager, it's possible the internal speaker may be defective and non-functional. In this case, usually the only way to fix this is to replace the motherboard, as it is very difficult to replace just the internal speaker on the motherboard.

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