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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Speaking Tree get their books?

The Speaking Tree Wholesale offers the best in mind, body & spirit books at seriously reduced prices. Operating from our warehouse in Glastonbury, Somerset, we source remaindered stock, returns and overstocks, allowing us to pass on extremely large discounts to our wholesale customers throughout the world.

How to become a wholesale customer of the Speaking Tree?

Many of our books are available at wholesale prices. If you are interested in becoming a wholesale customer then you need to a wholesale account login. Then just complete the short application form here, or give the office a call on 01458 831800 and we will convert your account to 'wholesale buyer'.

What kind of trees are used in IELTS?

Some of the popular ones are the Neem tree, Banyan tree, and Peepal Tree, and these are popular for their medicinal uses, shade, and air purifying qualities. Fruit trees like Mango, Banana, Papaya are also trendy and frequently planted.

Is the Speaking Tree in Glastonbury still open?

We understand that some people still won't be able to make it in so we thank you for continuing to use our website. The Speaking Tree is an independent bookshop based in Glastonbury. We specialise in selling high quality mind, body and spirit titles at outrageously good prices.

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