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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the dictionary definition of the word speak?

Kids Definition of speak 1 : to utter words : talk He speaks too fast. 2 : to utter in words Does he speak the truth? 3 : to mention in speech or writing She spoke of being ill.

Who is the author of speak by Merriam Webster?

— Author: Arelis R. Hernández, Anchorage Daily News, 17 June 2021 Since many victims of the shooting were LGBTQ and many of their family members didn't speak English, supporting them required an intersectional approach, Morales said.

Are there any synonyms for the Word speaks?

Synonyms for speaks. declaims, descants, discourses, expatiates, harangues, lectures, orates, talks.

Which is the best definition of the verb spoken?

Verb Phrases. speak for, to intercede for or recommend; speak in behalf of. to express or articulate the views of; represent. to choose or prefer; have reserved for oneself: This item is already spoken for.

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