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Frequently Asked Questions

Is spectrum and charter the same company?

Spectrum is the brand name for cable, Internet and phone service from Charter Communications. Although Charter started using the Spectrum name prior to its merger, the name Spectrum gained prominence as a result of the second, fourth, and sixth-largest cable operators in the United States merging in 2016.

Can Charter Spectrum be sued?

Your contract with Charter Spectrum (aka Time Warner Cable) says you can't sue Charter Spectrum in any court except Small Claims Court. Below, you will find the steps to take Charter Spectrum to Small Claims Court. But, there may be a faster and cheaper way: Consumer arbitration could help you hold Charter Spectrum accountable.

What is spectrum mobile customer service number?

To sign up for Spectrum Mobile or to learn more about the service, there are two primary ways to contact them. You can get support by calling (833) 224-6603 or use this tool to find a Spectrum Mobile store near you.

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