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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Activate my spectrum mobile phone?

To begin activating your device, make sure that it’s turned off before you insert the SIM card. Next, go to the Spectrum Mobile Activate page, and enter your account details to access your account. If you do not yet have one, make one by clicking Create a Username. Next, select Start Activation, and complete theonscreem steps to complete activation.

Is Spectrum Mobile the same as Verizon?

As previously mentioned Spectrum Mobile runs on the Verizon 4G LTE network which means you'll get the same reliable coverage that Verizon customers enjoy. The only difference is if you ever have an issue with your phone/coverage you'll need to contact Spectrum customer service instead of Verizon.

What network does spectrum use for mobile?

Spectrum Mobile is an MVNO on the Verizon Wireless Network, which is owned by Spectrum, one of the nation's largest internet service providers. Spectrum also uses a nationwide network of Wi-Fi hotspots to supplement the Verizon cellular network. Spectrum Mobile offers two types of plans: an unlimited talk, text,...

What phones work on Spectrum Mobile?

At the time of this review, Spectrum Mobile offers the Sasung Galaxy S10+, Samsung Galaxy S10e, Google Pixel 3a, Samsung Galaxy Note9, LG K40, Samsung Galaxy S9, and Samsung Galaxy S9+. Spectrum Mobile also now offers the Apple iPhone.

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