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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we predict our personality from what we spend money on?

“Our findings demonstrate for the first time that it is possible to predict people’s personality from their spending.” We all spend money on essential goods, such as food and housing, to fulfill basic needs – but we also spend money in ways that reflect aspects of who we are as individuals.

What can we learn from the way people spend money?

Analyses of over 2 million spending records from more than 2,000 individuals indicate that when people spend money in certain categories, this can be used to infer certain personality traits, such as how materialistic they are or how much self-control they tend to have.

What do our spending habits tell us about US?

Our spending habits are of vital use to all kinds of businesses. Some will target us with adverts of the kind of products they know we like, and others will sell this valuable data on.

How does your personality type affect your savings?

People who scored highly in conscientiousness tend to put their money away in savings accounts and not spend it at all. They derive pleasure from watching their savings grow. This personality trait is associated with agreeableness. Again, this makes sense; agreeableness is linked to empathy and being warm-hearted.

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