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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a spillway used in a dam?

The spillway is a structure used to provide controlled release of water from a dam or levee downstream, usually on the banks of a dammed river. In the United Kingdom, they may be known as overflow channels. For safety, the spillways must have sufficient flood discharge capacity, which is likely to occur during the lifetime of the dam.

Which is the best condition for a spillway?

When the flowing discharge equals the design discharge, the flow adheres to the spillway surface with minimum interference from the boundary surface and no access of air to the underside of the water sheet. The discharge efficiency is maximum under such condition and the pressure along the spillway surface is atmospheric.

Which is spillway flows in an open channel?

Chute Spillway: In a chute (or trough) spillway, the spillway discharge flows in an open channel (named as ‘chute’ or ‘trough’) right from the reservoir to the downstream river. The open channel can be located either along the abutment of the dam or through a saddle (Fig. 11.11).

What does the cross section of a spillway do?

Regulates and controls the surplus water from the reservoir. It does not allow the discharge of water below the fixed reservoir level. It is the waterway provides to convey tile flow released from the control structure to the downstream side of the spillway. The cross-section may be rectangular, trapezoidal, or of other shapes.

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