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Frequently Asked Questions

How many campsites are there at Spillway Lake?

Given its proximity to the lake, hiking trails and scenic areas, Spillway is a convenient getaway for anglers, boaters, hikers, families and photographers. The campground is a relatively small facility with 26 individual campsites and one group site that can accommodate up to 25 people.

Where is the spillway campground in Arizona located?

Spillway Campground is on the shores of popular Woods Canyon Lake near the town of Heber in north central Arizona. Situated in a pine forest with plenty of shade, the campground has individual campsites as well as one group campsite for small gatherings.

Where is the spillway campground in North Dakota?

Spillway Campground is perched along the South Platte River near the base of the dam of Eleven Mile Reservoir. Adventurists and families alike will find things to do here. Birding is excellent, as is hiking.

Where is the spillway campground in Lake George?

From Lake George turn off of Highway 24 onto County Road 96. Follow the road for about one mile into Eleven Mile Canyone. Spillway Campground is the last campground in Eleven Mile Canyon near the dam.

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